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If you have lost a family member as a result of a fatal car accident a motorcycle accident, a trucking accident, a airplane accident, a surgical error, misdiagnosis, or other form of medical malpractice, nursing home abuse or neglect, a construction accident, or any other tragic accident, please know that the wrongful death law firm of Attorney Amil Minora sincerely sympathizes with your loss.

As human beings and as personal injury lawyers, we empathize. We truly know what it is like to suddenly be forced to cope with life without a spouse, parent, or child who meant the world to your family. Attorney Amil Minora is dedicated to the pursuit of compensation for surviving family members of victims of wrongful death and other catastrophic accidents.

There are special rules of procedure for wrongful death and scenario cases. Please be sure to call for your free consultation to learn your important rights.


Amil Minora provides professional representation for personal injury cases all over the area. He represents clients from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland, and takes on all kinds of personal injury cases including auto accidents, product liability and worker’s compensation. He is committed to tirelessly representing your interests.