Did Your Insurance Company Fail To Act In Good Faith?

You buy insurance with the expectation that your insurer will compensate you after an auto accident, natural disaster or other serious events. Too often, insurance companies fail to live up to the terms of your policy. They may refuse to pay for legitimate claims, deny your claim or request excessive documentation.

If your insurance company is not acting in good faith, Amil Minora Law will level the playing field on your behalf. I am a lawyer who has stood up to insurance companies on behalf of my clients for more than 40 years. I know how to hold insurance companies accountable for their actions and will work to expedite the claims recovery process for you.

From my Scranton office, I have successfully resolved bad faith cases for the following types of insurance policies in northeast Pennsylvania:

What Is Bad Faith?

Every insurance policy in Pennsylvania has the understanding that the insurer will always act in good faith with the insured. They have an obligation to evaluate your claim fairly and to pay compensation within the terms specified within the policy.

When insurance companies fail to take these measures, they are said to be acting in bad faith. Bad faith can include a broad range of actions, including:

  • Denying a claim
  • Delaying payouts
  • Refusing to pay for legitimate claims
  • Failing to defend a claim
  • Misrepresenting the terms of your coverage
  • Undervaluing a claim

When insurance companies act in bad faith, you can seek damages against the insurer. These damages include legal fees, the fair value of the claim, interest payments and additional punitive damages against the insurance company.

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