Dedicated To Defending Victims Of Semitruck Accidents In Northeast Pennsylvania

A collision with a semitruck on Pennsylvania's highways is far different — and far more severe — than a regular car accident. Their significantly larger size means even minor crashes can leave motorists facing catastrophic, life-changing injuries.

At Amil Minora Law, I fight to level the playing field for injury victims of truck accidents across northeast Pennsylvania. I stand up to the insurance companies and aggressively fight to recover the highest amount of compensation for the damages you or a loved one suffered.

Working To Recover The Damages You Deserve

There are a number of underlying factors that can cause a crash with a big rig. When the accident is the result of the truck driver's or the trucking company's negligence, you may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

I have resolved numerous complex and serious cases involving collisions with 18-wheelers. I thoroughly investigate all of the facts of your case to help you prove negligence and pursue the following damages against those who are accountable:

  • Lost current and future wages
  • Health care expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Death benefits if it was a fatal accident

Fighting The Powerful For You

Insurance companies have highly skilled attorneys working for them. They are adept at resolving injury claims as economically as possible. Having practiced law for more than 40 years, I understand the tactics they may use to deny or limit your claim. I leverage this knowledge to create a legal strategy that can stand up to the scrutiny of the insurance company's lawyers.

Sometimes, in order to get the best possible outcome, you have to be willing to go to court. I have taken more than 100 cases to jury trial during my career with numerous successful verdicts. Insurers understand that I am a highly capable and skilled litigator, and they are often willing to accept settlements that are more favorable for my clients.

I Am Ready To Work For You

I understand how frightening it can be with an accident. I focus on creating a compassionate atmosphere so that you feel comfortable throughout the process. I work personally on your case from start to finish. This allows you to spend your time focusing on your recovery, not worrying about your claim.

I welcome the chance to begin working on your case immediately. Contact my Scranton office via email or by calling 570-800-2267.