Insurance Claims

After an auto accident, natural disaster, or medical emergency, you expect your insurance company to make good on the terms of the policy you have paid into. However, insurance companies sometimes play hardball with claimants—knowingly refusing to pay legitimate claims, requiring unnecessary steps or delay, or insisting upon unreasonable documentation or other requirements before paying out. Delayed and denied insurance claims are breaches of contract — and they cost you money.

If this has happened to you, your insurance company may have acted in bad faith.

For help in expediting insurance claims, call Amil Minora in Scranton, PA. With our years of experience, we can tell if an insurance company is acting in bad faith by either refusing to pay out a legitimate claim or delaying the process by adding necessary steps.

Our Insurance Claims Services Include:

  • Insurance denials
  • Delayed insurance payouts
  • Demanding unnecessary steps
  • Payment refusal on legitimate claims

We know how to hold the insurance companies accountable to the contracts they write.