Workers' Compensation

If you need a worker’s compensation attorney, call Amil Minora. When hurt at work, know your rights. Many injured employees are confronted with numerous questions and concerns. Such as: when will I get my check? Are my medical bills going to be paid? What is going to happen to my job? We can help answer those questions and many more.

Our Worker’s Compensation Services Involves:

  • Workplace injuries
  • Employer/Insurance Carrier Denying Benefits
  • Medical Bills Not Being Paid
  • Employer Forcing Worker to Come Back to Work Too Soon
  • Lump Sum Settlements
  • Wage Loss Benefits Not Paid or Not Paid in A Timely Manner

With over 30 years of practicing law in Northteastern & Central PA, we have the experience to properly represent your case. We can make house calls.